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A free, second-hand, uniform exchange platform

These are early days for Uniform Exchange and, at the moment, we're trying out the concept with a few schools. But we'd be delighted if you joined us on this adventure. Drop us an email ( or fill in the form and let us know which school you'd like us to set up next!


The Uniform Exchange is a platform that allows parents to buy and sell their second-hand uniforms. It is simple to use, not commercially focused and encourages a friendly exchange between parents of a same school.
We do not process any payments or hold money for parents. We merely facilitate the listing of uniforms and make conversations possible.

For who?

Anyone really. We currently focus on schools based in Ireland though.

How much does it cost?

Nothing. It's free, forever!
You've probably heard the saying "if it's free, you're the product". Well, not in our case.
We don't advertise to you, we don't sell your data to any third parties and keep your data safe (we're privacy-freaks).
Funnily enough, we don't do it for the money. This is an initiative born from sheer necessity.

How do I add my school?

Adding your school is easy. Just let us know the name of the school, where it is located and we will add it to the schools list.
We do need your help to get the word out there though. Ideally, you'd help us with an introduction to the school, so that we can organise for a communication to go out to the parents. 

In short

Give parents a platform to buy and sell their second-hand uniforms.

For who?
Any school in Ireland.

Free, forever

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