About Uniform Exchange

Who are we? What do we do?

Uniform Exchange is an initiative driven by parents facing a very real problem: the fast and, seemingly, never-ending physical growth of their child/children.

Combine this with the cost of school uniforms and you find yourself spending a small fortune on a bright new set of clothes for your kid.
And that is fine, we love them and we don't want them looking like mini-oversized human beings, bet into their clothes, going to learn.

So, fine, we can't stop the kids from growing (and we don't really want them to either!).
But what do you do with the uniforms that don't fit the children any more?

Well, you can find someone who might need what you don't need :) And we're ready to bet that this 'someone' is much easier to find than you thought.

All there is to do is put an ad up of what items you are looking to re-house, set your price (anything from free to exchange, to negotiable) and people reach out to you! Similarly, you can have a look at what other parents are looking to offload and reach out to them!

Now, quick note (and this one is important).

  - Uniform Exchange does not stock any uniforms -- we merely help with the introductions.
  - We don't offer online payment methods and we don't encourage you making any payments online without seeing the goods first!
  - We're not an e-commerce website. We don't actually sell anything!

One rule on this platform, and one rule only: be kind.

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